This is our tentative menu.

Items will be added or deleted as we get closer to opening.

All baked goods are baked daily and are homemade from scratch.

We will be using certified, organic, fair trade coffee beans and tea from

Java Love Roasting Company


Double Barrel Roasting Company

Sleepy Coffee,Too



Coffee Drinks:

All cups are 12, 16, or 20 ounces

Drip Coffee - $3.00/4.00/5.00

Dark Roast, House, Single Origin

Espresso - $3.00/4.00/5.00

Single, Double, Triple

Latte - $4.00/5.00/6.00

Espresso, steamed milk, some foam

Cappuccino - $4.00/5.00/6.00

Espresso with hot, foamy milk

Cafe Americano -4.00/5.00/6.00

Espresso with water

Cafe Au Lait - 3.00/4.00/5.00

Coffee with steamed milk

Macchiato - 4.00/5.00/6.00

Espresso with a dollop of foam

Non-coffee Drinks:

Tea - $3.00/4.00/5.00

Organic, loose leaf, many varieties

Chai Latte- 3.00/4.00/5.00

A delicious blend of tea, milk and spices

Homemade Hot Chocolate - 3.00/4.00/$5.00

Steamed milk, special sweet chocolate, whip cream

Flavored syrups: vanilla, chocolate, caramel, peppermint, raspberry: .50 extra


All cups are 12, 16, 0r 20 ounces

Cold Brew Iced Coffee- $4.00/5.00/6.00

Made from our organic house blend

Iced Tea - $3.00/4.00/5.00

Made from our organic loose tea

Bottled Juices - 2.00

Bottled Water - 2.00

Eats and treats:

All eats and treats are homemade daily

Not all varieties will be offered every day.

Breads - $3.00/ generous slice

  • "Ms. K.'s Famous" Banana Bread

  • " Chocolate Lover's" Chocolate Banana Bread

  • "Jump Off the Roof" Chocolate Zucchini Bread

  • "Ready for Fall" Pumpkin Bread

  • "Sweet and Tart" Lemon Blueberry Bread

  • "Sweet and Tart and Nutty "Lemon Blueberry with Pecans

  • Mary Lynn's A to Z Nut Bread

  • (apples, carrots, pecans and zucchini)

  • "Zippy"Cranberry Orange Bread

  • "Line out the Door" Brownies

  • "Classroom Favorite" Brookies

  • Bag of "Cutie" Mini Blueberry Muffins

  • "Jeremy's Favorite" Chocolate chip cookies

Breakfast Casseroles: $5.00/ generous portion

  • "Jessica's Favorite" Blueberry-Almond Croissant Bake

  • "Oui, Oui" Baked French Toast

And for your fur babies: homemade "Shadow's Bow Wow" doggie biscuits


Seasonal Specials: $4.00/ generous slice

"Ms. K.'s Outrageous"Pecan Pie

"Classic" Pumpkin Pie

"Elvira's Special Moment" Apple Cider Doughnut Cake

"Nana’s" Crumb Pie

Seasonal Crisps (apple, blueberry, peach, mixed berry)